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4 Themes &
7 Activities!!

There will be sessions for Japanese Culture, Sightseeing, Japanese Food, and International Exchange, the most popular answers of international students to, “What do you want to experience in Japan?”, separated into four categories: Learning, Living, Working, and Having Fun.

Tuna Show! Learning about Japanese food from fish

A tuna show by Mr. Fukai, the representative of “Sea Bank“, a store specializing in fresh fish wholesale that has continued for 115 years in Osaka. The energetic tuna show with the handling of the exquisite knife is overwhelming. Food education will be spread with the theme of “Washoku” through fish. There will also be samples for Japanese food during the Expo.
(Advance registration is necessary)


Osaka Sightseeing! Have fun learning Osaka culture on a water cruise!

Backed by water transportation, Osaka developed as a central city of economy and culture, and was called the “city of water” in the Meiji era. If you enter and win the raffle, you can experience a special event-only course for free!
(Cruise schedule will be announced at a later date.)

suito osaka

Japanese Culture! Sword Fight Shamisen Tea Ceremony

The beauty of “quietness” and “movement” is unique to Japan. There are plenty of contents that allow you to experience a unique “space” through various Japanese cultures such as sword fighting, shamisen, and tea ceremony!

Sword Fight Shamisen Tea Ceremony

Learn about the 600 year history of Sakai through Sakai Forged Blades!

Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, is one of the three major production areas for cutlery in Japan. It is highly trusted by professional cooks, and its market share is 98% in Japan! Eric Chevallier, who is from France and has 4 years of training experience as a blacksmith in Sakai, will talk about the demonstration of knives sharpening and its charm!

Eric Chevallier

Interview of Global Presidents Global Presidents Conference (Scheduled)

There is a wide range of information on how to start a business and do business in Japan, and how Japanese companies can utilize global personnel from executives who came to Japan as foreign students and started a business after graduating from school, You can discuss about a future business in Japan.

ABC platform

Symposium: Job Hunting in Japan and How to Work at a Japanese Company by Former International Students (scheduled)

In this roundtable discussion, former international students who came to Japan as international students and have been employed by Japanese companies after graduation will share their real-life experiences, including tips on job hunting, useful skills, how to prepare for working at a Japanese company, useful information, and hardships.


Experience Japanese pop culture!

Cosplay is a pop culture originating in Japan and is enjoyed by many people, including young people. This time, cosplayers lead by Kansai-based cosplayer “Hiro-san” will appear in Japanese anime and manga character cosplay.




8/21 Schedule


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