Four Separate Zones for

-Participating Corporations-

The International Student Expo is divided into four zones: “Learning,” “Living,” “Working,” and “Having Fun.”
It will provide services and products that can solve the problems of international students’ “worries” and “What do you want to experience?” and will be held as a place for participants to meet and create exchanges between participants.



Companies and organizations that you can learn from school related or business skills and language skills which are useful for employment or experience Japanese culture like tea ceremony and Japanese dance will exhibit.



Companies that provide a wide range of services necessary for having fun, from Japanese culture experiences,
sightseeing / leisure facilities, and local shopping districts to cashless payment services and credit cards,
will exhibit.



Companies that provide housing-related real estate lenders, brokerage services, guarantor agents required for property contracts, and post-contract rent guarantors will exhibit.



Companies that provide services related to work, such as employment support companies for employment after graduation,
dispatch companies that introduce part-time jobs for students, and job posting site management companies will exhibit.

Participating Exhibitors


Kaga City

Please try applying a gold leaf at our booth! Booth visitors will receive gifts on a first-come, first-served basis!
・Kaga City original tote bags
・Postcards of Kaga's captivating sightseeing spots and pop designs postcards
(Please send them to your family back home!)
A hand mirror made of Yamanaka lacquerware, a traditional craft of Kaga City.
We will promote tourism to international students so that they can come and visit Kaga City.

KIX SENSHU Tourism Bureau

Senshu is a region consisting of 13 cities and towns in the southern part of Osaka Prefecture. It is the closest tourist destination to Kansai International Airport.
The area is blessed with an abundance of natural food from the sea to the mountains, as well as many historical and cultural resources, and it is possible to cycle around the area while enjoying the seasonal scenery.
Traditional festivals such as the Danjiri Festival are also held here. Please come to Senshu, a place full of attractions.

Japan Holiday Travel CO.,LTD

We are an inbound travel agency.
We provide information on day tours and travel deals departing from Osaka for international students.
We also provide information on renting wifi and SIM cards.
and information for people who would like to work at our agency.

Solver Network Co.,Ltd.

Bilingual Highly Skilled Foreigners: Solutions Tailored to your Hiring Needs.
Introduction of "Direct Recruiting Services" to support the recruitment of highly skilled level foreigners.
Communicate, promote, and increase awareness of products and services that represent Japan, such as traditional crafts, local industries, and animation, to "Japan-phobic foreigners" through the WASHOKU ® website (

Hakuba Valley

Hakuba Village is one of Japan's leading mountain tourism destinations.
In summer, you can enjoy a variety of activities such as mountain climbing, trekking, SUP, paragliding, canoeing, rafting, hot air ballooning, and mountain biking. In winter, skiing and snowboarding in the powdery snow fields that attract the world!
Please visit Hakuba Village where you can enjoy all year round.

Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition

We will introduce the 2025 World Exposition to be held in 2025 in Osaka, Kansai, Japan.
Posters will be displayed and we will give out flyers and stickers.



The concept of the Anshin Guarantor Service Co.,Ltd. booth is to provide a hands-on experience of Japanese traditions and culture through the use of furoshiki, a traditional cloth used in Japan since ancient times.
We believe that this is a good opportunity for you to learn how to use Furoshiki and to get to know our company as one of Japan's most advanced rent guarantee companies.


ABLE offers consultation on searching for a room, problems in daily life, employment at ABLE, searching for a room online in Japan, and an origami experience. We also offer multilingual services.
We will also be giving away souvenirs to visitors. We look forward to seeing you at our booth.


Oak House has been in business for 30 years as a provider of rental housing for foreign residents.
We operate and manage a large scale share house with a focus on communication.
No key money deposit, no guarantor, all rooms are furnished, and monthly contracts are OK.
Our staff is fluent in English.

Osaka Prefectural Housing Corporation

Distribution of housing information flyers, etc., mainly to students;
VR model room tour experience using VR goggles;
Acceptance of property applications and related questions and consultations.

Sakura Co.,Ltd.

SAKURA RENT is a housing rental service for foreign residents provided by Sakura Co.  We will help you to find a room in Japan, which is considered to be difficult for foreigners.
No guarantor is required, the apartment comes fully furnished and ready for you to start your new life with just a suitcase.
We will do our best to support foreign residents with different cultures so that they can live in Kyoto with peace of mind.


The Daito Kentaku Group is ranked No. 1 in Japan in terms of the number of rental brokerages, and is engaged in real estate brokerage, real estate sales and purchase, franchise business, and building leasing, mainly under the brand.
The Daito Kentaku Group is actively engaged in global room search support, including multilingual interpretation and services for foreign customers, and will introduce various services at the expo.

Urban Renaissance Agency

No key money, no brokerage fee, no renewal fee, and no guarantor with UR Rental Housing
We are waiting for you with pamphlets in five languages (English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, and Vietnamese) and original novelty items.
In the booth, we will also show a video (in five languages) on how to live in an apartment complex, so please visit our booth!


We will provide information on various services for foreigners living in Japan, such as job information and consultation, introduction of prepaid cards for foreigners that allow payment at the end of the following month, and information on rental properties for foreign residents.


Grow up

Grow Up has a lot of experience in providing job hunting support for foreign nationals! We provide guidance for finding a job (how to conduct job-hunting activities in Japan, how to prepare for the job-hunting process,
how to work in Japan, etiquette, etc.) and career lectures to foreign students, and follow up with them from the time
they receive a job offer to the time they move. We also provide advice and support for applyinng for a visa and obtaining a work visa, so that foreign nationals can find a job with peace of mind.


We live in an age where we can embrace foreigners entirely on our own!
CROSLAN has developed a cloud service called SMILE VISA to help companies to internalize the hiring of specified skilled workers.
We also have a wealth of experience in the fields of nursing care, food and beverage, and manufacturing, and can provide reliable support after hiring.


SASAEAO stands for "Supporting And Sustaining Active Education And Occupation".
SASAEAO aims to respond to the increasing number of foreign students and workers, especially in Asia, and to create a society through the spreading of information that allows people to live and coexist in Japan with peace of mind.

Administrative scrivener corporation Daiichi Sogo Office

Since opening our office in September 2010, we have consistently specialized in international affairs.
In addition to handling approximately 20,000 applications for visas and naturalization per year, we also provide consulting services to educational institutions and companies to optimize their foreign human resources as a legal advisor, and have appeared in many lectures and seminars in Japan.

Mynavi Global Corporation

Mynavi Global provides support for international students who wish to work in Japan, starting from introduction of positions and preparation for interviews to joining a company.
The jobs we introduce are mainly specific skills jobs in nursing care, agriculture, food service, and food and beverage manufacturing.
At the event, we will focus on explanations and introductions of positions for specific skills, as well as key points for getting a position offer.

Mynavi Corporation (Global Agent)

The Global Recruiting Service operated by Mynavi Corporation is a one-stop job hunting support service for international students to help them find employment in Japan.
On the day of the expo, there will be job hunting seminars, job hunting consultations, and job introductions for 2022 graduates, as well as information on how to register with Mynavi for 2023 graduates.
Please feel free to stop by!

Man to Man

Man to Man ,Inc.. is a company that provides employment and career change support for international talent.
We help international students who are seeking employment in Japan to be active in Japanese companies.
At the booth, our coordinators will be offering free job hunting consultations and surveys, so please stop by and say hello.
Our entire staff is looking forward to meeting you! We are looking forward to meeting many international students at our booth!

The Monogatari Corporation

A food business company that operates 584 restaurants in Japan and overseas, including Yakiniku Kingu.
We are the No. 1 company in the yakiniku industry in terms of sales during the pandemic and are promoting DX by introducing the industry's first serving robot.
We have achieved 12 of the 17 SDG's.
We recommend our company for people who want to increase their market value, want to work in their own way, or want an environment where young people are successful.


UNITY Corp. is a company that undertakes the construction and operation of various event venues and the interior work of commercial facilities.
We have many staff members who work behind the scenes at events and as facility construction workers.
Many of these jobs are posted and introduced on Uni+.

Rise Creation Co., Ltd.

The Rise Group is a company that internalizes all operations related to online shopping.
Our goal is to become a group of Internet marketing professionals from Japan that can compete on the global stage. The EC market is still a growing industry, and because we are a Japanese company with global business development in mind, we are actively recruiting regardless of nationality.
Trade operations, warehouse management, EC site management, etc.

Leonis Co.,Ltd.

We listen to our customers, care about their living, develop new differences, and deliver them to the world.
We offer "Apparel Support Tools", a new clothing care category.
Manufacturer & E-Commerce Company